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A simple gift that says so much more…

May 1st, 2021

For a limited time, every Zvilo member will receive an exclusive duffle bag produced by Supreme Creations’ factory based in Pondicherry, India. Supreme Creations are well known for being an ethical manufacturer of sustainable bags and packaging.

The bag will feature artwork from Kosovan artist Fitore Berisha, whose work is often a metaphor for overcoming problems and obstacles.

We believe this one simple item represents three crucial things about Zvilo:

  1. Our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility

  2. An innate desire for the company to reflect and represent the Balkans

  3. The challenges we plan to overcome with the services Zvilo will provide

As explored in previous blogs, the provision of more sophisticated financial services in the region will help break down outmoded practices and start to create an array of much-needed positive outcomes. Faster, cleaner supply chains, less waste, less pollution, a greater ability to identify and eradicate poor working practices.

We also want to introduce a variety of fintech services to the Balkans, which has hitherto seen little very little provision of change engines such as Blockchain which will help to free up capital, reduce corruption and a host of other innovations.

In essence, our simple gift is just a bag – but represents so much more.

Join us in our mission as we setup Zvilo to become the first digital financial platform for the Balkans across Europe.

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