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Promoting a Sustainable Future

Zvilo actively contributes to nine of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our mission of adopting responsible practices of lending have guided our ESG framework and policy, which seeks to drive growth and empower communities.

Our ESG Commitments


Zvilo will seek to ensure that digital financial solutions and platforms enable economic opportunities for low-income households


Zvilo will focus on supporting sustainable agricultural SMEs and increasing resource efficiency through the development and upgrading of agro‑business value chains


Zvilo will support domestic healthcare systems and food security and safety through the implementation of the ISO Food and Safety Standards


Zvilo will promote gender equality and will target female-owned and managed enterprises by allowing them to effectively compete in economic life


Zvilo will support businesses to provide affordable access to energy, renewables, and efficient technology


Zvilo will support businesses to provide affordable access to energy, renewables, and efficient technology


Zvilo will contribute to the innovation of payment and financial systems and promote sustainable industrialisation


Zvilo will support businesses to implement sustainable production by providing access to install renewable energy sources, sustainable packaging, and waste management


Zvilo will enable SMEs and end customers to track and offset their carbon footprint and make green financing more accessible through Green Lending

Community Impact

Our ESG commitments will have a positive impact at a local level within the community and a broader level within the region.


Reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions for core business processes, properties, and infrastructure


Support the energy transition towards renewable energy generation


Inspire a movement throughout the Balkans and other emerging markets to embed ESG into their strategy


Promote the 2X Challenge by empowering women throughout the value chain


Encourage companies to increase transparency and disclosure of their climate impact and move towards more sustainable business practices


Promoting diversity and inclusion within the working environment

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