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Zvilo knocks it into the back of the net

May 13th, 2021

We are delighted to say we have received investment backing from one of the biggest names in Balkan football, an endorsement we are thrilled to get!

Egzon Belica, who plays defence for the Albanian club Partizani Tirana, is one the biggest defenders in Balkan football today and we welcome his support.

Football in the Balkans in recent years has taken off incredibly. Just think about the power and grace of the Croatian national team who managed to reach the World Cup finals in 2018. On the other side, North Macedonia is playing for the first time ever in Euro 2021, facing esteemed teams like Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria etc.  All of this tells you the region is fast becoming one to watch.

The sport has a long and proud tradition in the region dating back well before the Balkan Cup and the fact that there are in fact more FIFA member states than UN ones (211 verses 193) tells you all you need to know about the power and lure of the sport.

We are thrilled Egzon has endorsed our plans and invested in Zvilo! May he be one of many more to follow.

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