Business or Personal, the Zvilo mobile app comes with a GBP or EUR bank account, with which you can receive, manage, transfer, spend and track your money.


Why not share an account too?
Add your partner, children, friends or employees – our app can accommodate access to funds and manage limits, regardless how close or far you are from your loved ones.


Master your account with Zvilo’s intelligent analytics. The app allows you to track, categorize and analyse all of your spending activities.


Why bring cash, when you can bring your Zvilo card? Business or personal, all accounts come with a Zvilo card.

Travelling abroad for business or pleasure? Take your Zvilo card with you and spend like a local with no hidden fees!

Lost or misplaced your card? Through the Zvilo app, you have the power to freeze your card or just simply cancel it and order a new one.

Pay and Transfer.

Make fast and free transfers within the Zvilo network, or split bills with other Zvilo account holders at the click of a button.

Need to also make international transfers? You can take advantage of Zvilo’s lower rates with no hidden fees.


Does your lifestyle or business require multi-currency accounts? Through our app, you can hold money across different currencies and keep your finances organized.


With Zvilo rewards, you can earn loyalty points, cashback and discounts on your purchases. You can track your points and cashbacks all through your Zvilo app.