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Web 3.0 and its Inevitable Impact on Fintech

2022-09-23T08:45:38+01:0023 September 2022|

Web3 is a relatively vague term with a complex meaning. At its most basic, it could be viewed as an inevitable expansion of our digitalisation journey...

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The Transition to a Greener Economy: An Unmissable Opportunity in the Balkans

2022-09-01T16:19:00+01:0026 August 2022|

Countries must end their reliance on coal and other fossil fuels and move towards a greener, more sustainable 21st Century. Although a challenging undertaking, the transition to a green economy provides particular promise for the Balkan region — and many projects are already on the way to delivering a cleaner economy.

Blended Finance: What It Is, and Why We Need Much More of It

2022-09-01T17:07:27+01:0016 August 2022|

Blended finance is an elegant concept – minimising the amount of money coming from taxpayers and taxpayer-funded, state-led institutions, and using it to create a safer, more stable destination for private capital.

Zvilo Promotes a Sustainable Future and Commits to UN’s SDGs

2022-10-06T14:50:33+01:0021 June 2022|

Zvilo, the forward-financing and banking fintech, announces a set of ambitious environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets and strict reporting measures based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — a commitment part of its mission to become the first sustainable digital financial service provider in the Balkans and beyond.

  • Person on laptop holding bank card.

Banking on Digital Transformation to Drive Change

2022-06-15T16:26:59+01:0015 June 2022|

Banking is undergoing another transformation, with people switching from high street banks to digital-first platforms — cue the rise of fintechs and challenger banks. Consumers no longer want to tolerate transfer delays, fees, and in-store visits, and, with so much innovative competition, they no longer have to.

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